Trying Scaleway's dedicated ARM servers

24 Nov 2016
While UpCloud is great, I realized I’m spending a bit too much money just to host a static website. The idea was originally to host other things on the server as well, but I never got around to doing that. So I started looking for cheaper alternatives. There was a great article on Hacker News the other day (Ask HN: What free or low-cost static site hosting do you use most?) where I found some reasonable alternatives.

Setting up a server from scratch without ever logging in to it

29 Sep 2016

Technical people often use different blogging platforms than “normal people”. One particularly appealing option is to use a static site generator instead of a more traditional blogging or CMS platform (like WordPress). Using a static site generator has a few perks, a major one being you can host it for free on e.g. GitHub pages. Another major advantage is speed; everyone hates shitty slow loading websites.

If you don’t want to leech some free hosting, you can always just get a good old server somewhere and host everything on that. I’m a strong believer in making automated and reproducible infrastructure, so I thought I’d explain how the server serving you this content was set up from scratch, without me ever logging in to it to manually configure things.

Starting a new personal site

29 Sep 2016
There are a lot of reasonably competent and interesting people in the field of software engineering today. I figured if I want to make myself even remotely known I need to have a site where I can document my skills, my experiences and my accomplishments. This is my attempt at doing just that. This site is built with Hugo. I found a reasonable looking theme called Strange Case. It turns out I had to tweak it a little bit because it came with things like no differentiating color for links, uncacheable static resources and some other minor issues.